Saturday, August 15, 2009


Bin # 2 steaming and a giant spider web waiting for any flies that dare sniff our stuff. We're on to bin # 3 now and bin #2 is at 160* and full.

We're putting up the fencing for the 4th paddock.

First Mr. Java's Mom did some of this:

And we mixed concrete and struggled, and probably got poison ivy and I was very uncomfortable with the amount of sweat I was experiencing, but we then got this: (corner posts braced and set in concrete):

And now Mr. Java's Mom is digging out the holes that the auger could not do, rocks happen. We'll hopefully get the line posts done today.

And, I waited ALL WEEK for the professional photographs to be posted, and it's pretty funny, but the professional photographer took a photo of us over one jump... probably the tiniest one on cross country. There is one candid. No stadium, no dressage, nothing else.
Here we go:
The video of stadium hopefully will be posted next. If I can post it, should be entertaining.


Amy said...

can you tell me the make and model of java's boots? She looks good

Anonymous said...

I love the candid shot. Java looks alert but relaxed.


Anonymous said...

You and Java look just great!

Boy, putting up that paddock looks like hard work!

Java's Mom said...

Thanks Guys! The make and model of Java's boots: they are very basic, I put them on for the cross country phase for peace of mind. The fronts are Centaur, and the hind boots are Toklat. Just the basic neoprene boots, I rarely use them.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Java is simply GORGEOUS in the candid photo, she is a stunning horse!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It may be a small jump, but Java's got big air. You guys looked great!