Saturday, August 22, 2009

new paddock

It's been super hot lately, but all is well.

The camera went on strike this weekend, so here finally are some photos:
The NEW paddock. No grass for now. The top paddock (the big one) is getting a seeding and primping next month, so the new paddock will allow for rotation, and next spring we'll have 4 paddocks in action, and more grass!! Yay. Every time I check the suggestion box that I have left in the barn for the horses to give me feedback, Java leaves a note saying "more grass please" so that's what she's getting, and any lucky friends that live here too.
The fern path and how it looks now... still shady, still ferny (some did get trampled along the path, but will grow back next year). Don't worry, ferns will not be allowed to grow inside the paddock you horse health toxicity paranoia nuts (oh, wait a minute, that's me).

Mr. Java's Mom put up 95% of it, I've either supervised or telepathically helped out. Lots of sweat, lots of poison ivy (LOTS), but no tears or blood. Some swearing. But that's kind of normal for me.

Not Java's Barn related, but for some reason I want to share this with you:
I went to Wal Mart Saturday (yes, Wal Mart is the biggest city I've been to lately)... wow, if you stay away from Wal Mart for about a year, it's pretty fun. So much stuff that I NEED. Like orange flavored gum, 3 packs for $1.75 - I splurged and got it. Funny thing is that the busiest area of the whole store was the ladies underwear section. Packed. How odd. I could not wait for the area to clear out and will have to go back another time.
Sun has finally settled in, and is finally putting on some weight. I took matters into my own hands regarding his feed, and he gets his teeth done on Thursday. I think he will be very very happy after a little attention for his teeth. Java's not having any trouble but is due too, they can commiserate. The vet coming is wonderful and very gentle.


Anonymous said...

Nice new paddock - good work (better you than me!). Glad Sun's doing well, and hope the tooth work helps him out.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Did Sun's owner agree to the dental work? Is this 'taking matters into your own hands....however necessary it was...part of the reason Sun's owner is moving him out of your barn?

Weird about the underwear section....was there a huge sale?

Enjoy your orange flavored gum and dream of Florida organge groves. lol!


Java's Mom said...

Good question, yes, Sun's mom did agree to the dental work. It was entirely optional since she was paying for it, I highly recommended it, which was easy because he was overdue. I booked the vet/tooth Dr. for Java and Sun's mom had the option to have Sun done that day too. Although I really was hoping she would do it, I would never demand it. Which brings us to whether that is part of why she is leaving, and I would say no. Money isseus would be my guess, but nothing has been said about money, just the kid not liking it here. She had already given her notice before his teeth were done, actually I think I did not book the appointment until the day after she gave her notice and the vet came the following week.

No sale on the underwear at Wal Mart, so odd. I think it was all the back to school shopping, school=new underwear? The gum was great, thanks.