Thursday, August 6, 2009

The pressure of planning...

The Horse:
Our lesson was GREAT! It was to learn our Dressage test for Sunday. What is exciting (and fascinating in a stupefying way) is that our new instructor was able to explain a couple of things to me, ask me to do 4 things and JAVA PUT HER HEAD DOWN. She's 12. She goes with her head high. I have never been able to get her to go on the bit. 3 other instructors have not been able to get her to go on the bit. I had given up hope and figured we'd make do. It's awesome, and we've been practicing all week (ugh I'm sore and tired) and her trot is amazing when she uses her back. Helloooo revelation. This Dreeessaaaagggggge stuff is fun. Not that I'm going to convert, but this phase is fun.

The Transportation:
The neighbor's stock trailer should be called R&R, for Red n' Rusty. The floor is new, it's a decent little unit, the rust is in areas that seem to be from gravel dinging the paint while being towed. It does not smell like cow. But it does smell like Rooster. They were keeping their rooster in there for a day or two. Oh, and 3 kegs. Nice guys, they will disinfect it, we'll tow it with Mr. Java's Mom's F250 and have a great day, right? Well, now we're nervous. A friend brought over her two horse to see how big of a pain Java is going to be to load. She was not awful, but we both had this feeling that something was going to go wrong (I envisioned her trying to go over the chest bar and out the door in the middle (not that she would fit), which she has not seen that configuration yet). She went on 3/4 of the way a few times, but we for some reason did not push her. These are out options right now for a ride for Java:

The R&R (the guys will let us take it tonight and get her used to loading, and see if she FITS).

A friend will take us, but she wants lots o' money, all said and done probably $300. (ow).

A "for hire" outfit, with a 3 horse stock trailer $200 not a dime more.

A friend called another friend with a fancy big two horse that we think Java might find more inviting, who might let us borrow (rent?) and we have not heard back yet.

The Event:
Well... I found out one good thing about the recession. If you miss the entry deadline, they are happy to add you in because there is plenty of room for more entries. Thank god. I have a couple of valid excuses for this one: My friend that talked me into this gig said that she signed me up. And, it's my first horse trails. In the land of hunter jumper, you send in your entries, or just show up, enter, get your number and off you go. I forgot to factor in that each ride time is scheduled... and that takes planning... advance planning.

So I speak with the super nice show secretary who says no problem, adds me in, says pop your stuff into the mail and you're all set (mail here gets house to house overnight, seriously, so that part is good). I put together a nice thank you note, my coggins, rabies vaccination proof, my check, entry form and scoot out to the post office (dogs came with me of course). I get to the post office, and realized that my wallet is AT HOME. I find two stamps of the lower value than currently used, and the lady at the post office says those two are just fine, my overstuffed envelope will get there with my two old stamps.

Good grief.

We are wondering if this is not meant to be.... like... maybe we shouldn't go. I'd love your input. Java ships fine, is stubborn to load but we still don't know what trailer to take, if we even get that far... and all the other preparation complications...

And I have no photos to show you... so this is the barn site last August... pre barn.


the7msn said...

Assuming she fits, if it were me, I'd borrow R&R and tow Java myself. Call me a control freak, but I trust no one.

jill said...

Well, all I can say, is that somethimes when things seem to not be going well, everything turns out great. Ya know, like your friend drags you to a party where you don't know anyone, you don't quite feel your best, you want to stay home and watch your favorite show, but she begs. So you go knowing you're going to have a bad, boring time and you end up meeting your soul mate. True story, happened to my best friend! She married him and very happy. You just never know....
Good luck!

gtyyup said...

It sounds like a really fun time is in store for you. I agree with 7msn...I'd take R&R. Have a great time and look forward to some pics of the big day!

Anonymous said...

Great news about the lesson - once horses feel how comfortable it is to relax the top line and use their abdominal muscles - they often decide that's the way to go - just like people!

Sometimes horses find stock trailers easier to load in - they're more open and light - not that closed in feeling. Good luck and let us know how the show goes!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I'd be borrowing R&R. Practice loading a few times, then off you go and have fun!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I would go with the stock trailer just becuase they are more open and horses that aren't used to loading often find them more inviting. Plus I am used to having my own trailer (spoiled me I have two, a straight load and a featherlite stock trailer) and being able to show up and leave on my own schedule. Have fun!!!

Marie said...

Sounds like RnR is the answer. I am sure Java will behave and you both will do great. An awesome rider on an awesome horse, how can you loose?
Have fun.