Thursday, August 6, 2009

R n' R

You guys are the best!! Nothing like a little blog friend rally to get me geared up to go to this thing on Sunday. My Facebook friends NEVER would have been as wonderful, supportive, and instill blind brevity to load my horse into a well used/loved stock trailer and tow her for the first time towing a horse to an event that requires a safety protective vest and medical arm band!! Thank you!

OK, Rn'R (formerly R&R) is coming over tonight. The rooster and kegs are being removed by Rn'R's owner and disinfected (de-cow-ing).

We all will know soon if the beastie will fit into the trailer... She's outside now... living the life of Java bliss with no idea of what's in store for her next! When it gets here I"ll take photos.

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Horseartist said...

Good Luck! With the trailer, the event, all of it.

I've read your blog for a while, but quietly. Today, I mentioned it for an honest scrap award. Do what you like with it. :)