Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Mr. Java's Mom has finished stacking the wood in the overhang of the workshop (uh, really it's a garage, but it is his workshop, our cars are parked outside. John Deere stuff gets garaged, period).

This beautiful stack of wood is two rows deep. I probably helped put 8 logs on here. Sorry honey. Good job.

There is more in the Blair Witch Shed. It looks icky because the Blair Witch Shed is spooky. Hence the name. The wood is fine though, I think:

And, of course we need other places to stack wood. There's the year after this winter to think about... (Oh GOODIE). New racks ready and waiting for the latest wood that I'm sure we will have fun splitting and stacking. The project list goes like this here: Cut down trees, cut into log lengths, split, stack and plant new trees to regain privacy. Repeat.

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Jason said...

I'm all about the equipment being shedded, but if I never cut another rick of fire wood it would suit me just fine ! Heating with wood in a climate that makes anywhere in CT or MA look tropical was an exercise in futility. It didn't matter how much wood was in the shed(s), it was never enough. Moving to Tennessee and discovering that a small heat pump will keep the house comfortable all winter long ranks right up there among the best things I have discovered in my life. :)