Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Java, right now:
Java looking normal, happy and peaceful.  Alone.  She apparently likes this status.  I'll have to take her profile off, she likes being single.

Sun left this morning.  Sun's people showed up at 8:15, and he finally loaded at 9:30.  No drama, but he really did not see the point in leaving.  I really did not either, aside from the 5 year old kid thing.  Java was very worried, then after Sun loaded and pulled away I took Java out of the barn.  We had a nice hand grazing session then went for one of the nicest trail rides that we've ever had.  Entirely pleasant, gorgeous footing, no bugs, and Java was completely into it being just us.  I kept her company while I stripped Sun's stall (I officialy have decided that I'm going to use less bedding for these guys or switch to pellet bedding or something, what a waste, 5 trips in the gator (grrr)) and fussing in the barn, and she is as peaceful as can be. 

I was waiting to break the big news to you all, but it self destricted before I had the chance:  Last week a nice horse owner who would be a nice fit here said she would like a stall.  Great.  Welcome, etc.  He would arrive in October.  Then I get a call from one person with two horses... I say, thanks but I just had someone commit to one of the stalls, but feel free to call me if you want to see the place for future reference, etc.    Then last night I get a call from the new-incoming boarder.  She MIGHT not be coming now...  She is thinking about staying where she is...  Think I have caller ID to call the lady back with the two horses... No. 


If you don't know any crazy horse people, its you.  IS NOW:  We are ALL CRAZY.  Period. 


Anonymous said...

Glad Java copes well with being a single horse.

We use pelleted bedding and love it - it's easier to clean (takes some getting used to because you clean stalls a bit differently than with shavings), easier to store and, if used properly, creates less dust in the barn. It also composts well.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I like pelleted bedding as well. Some people find it dusty but if you very lightly wet it about once a week it is less dusty than shavings and so much easier to clean.

gtyyup said...

I use half pellets and half shavings. They do get dusty though (the pellets). But they sure soak up the urine...kind of like clumping cat litter!