Friday, September 11, 2009


 Bat Man.  dananananananananananananan bat man...
Sun, live it up little guy.  Make the most of it and graze corner to corner... only a matter of a day or two (i personally would love to know when so that I can plan, but that would only make sense, and if there is ONE thing that I have figured out lately, that is that a lot of things on a horse farm do not make sense).
What a nice color... (Sun, not the pile of top soil in the background).
In for dinner.  Munching hay, hanging.
Mackie loves horse water.  He thinks it is special water and will drink from a horse bucket until his belly is full .
True:  I almost always see two toads as I go out the door for night check.  As I went ouside last night, I see no toads, and thought "Where are the toads?..."  Well, turns of that one is inside probably asking "where is my toad friend... OR, where is that human?".  Then... later last night... I finish night check, tuck the horses in, tuck the dogs in, and reach for the lamp in the dog room to turn off the light and see this.  Toad in plant pot.  Right next to the radio where Mackie and Bandy listen to country music, nestled in...
I put the pot with toad outside.
Oh, and Martha Stewart, if you're reading this, yes those are moss roses (and parsley that will soon be thrown out).  I had them planted in our window box, they did not like that spot, did not bloom (yes,you're right, it was too dark and too damp for them), I replaced them with mums, put the moss roses in pots, brought in the pots and either brought in the toad, or he helped himself in... I did leave the door open earlier for Bandy who seemed to want to barf on the rug, so I let her out and left the door open.  Either way, he's outside now.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Loved the toad commentary!

Terry said...

What a pretty barn.

Terry in Colorado