Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My photo of Sun being a good boy seconds before I went for my ride with Java yesterday (in and contained in his stall for damage control). I was able to regain part of my sanity yesterday. I can tell because when I went to grocery store later I did not talk with the check out person about the new refurbished carts and how much I like them.
Java taking a break with one eye on the house door, and one eye on the neighbor's house (the odd neighbor). She's counting the seconds until I tell her how fabulous she is.

Ready to hunt the paddocks for manure. I'm one with the pitchfork and muck bucket. Mr. Java's Mom calls it poo patrol. Java leaves her manure mounds intact... and Sun mushes his into oblivion in the paddock. Less easy poo patrol with it mushed in, but how boring things would be with out a challenge like that. Keeps my eye hand coordination with the pitch fork in tip top shape. I bet if we all got together and played tennis using pitch forks we would rock out.


Anonymous said...

Tennis with pitchforks - do we have to play while trying to stand up in the mud?

Java's Mom said...

Ha ha! That would be funny.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I am totally up for a game of tennis with pitchforks. I have so much experience in this area that I would be a guaranteed ace, LOL!