Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm well over the chocolate chip cookie guilt.  I got my hair cut and got the car washed, and that seemed to fix most of the guilt.  Yes, I'm being serious.

And, new this morning... Java has an abscess.  I knew something was brewing, and as you know, a hoof abscess is like BAM! lame.  Not that Java's letting an almost unbearable pain of pressure in her hoof get in the way of a good day.  She is out eating hay (she can angle herself on a little hill to make herself more comfortable) and got a little bute this morning.  The perfect girl... AGAIN.  I'll probably spare her the boredom of epsom salt soaking, we'll see what kind of relief I can get her today and proceed from there.  Based on the heat, it seems to be on the outside of her left front.  I'll keep you posted.  Hey, let's make this an INTERACTIVE post, please see the survey on the right and vote.

So I pop outside to take a photo of the poor suffering beast and this is what I see (not angled down hill, not eating hay which is what I typed and now seem like a drama queen over all of this).  I swear I try to take interesting photos, but this is pretty much it. 


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I voted coronet but who knows where an abcess will come out. That's why I never let the vet dig for them, two often you wind up with two holes instead of one.

Anonymous said...

You just never know - poor Java! Hope it gets better soon.

jill said...

Ah, welcome to my world of waiting for abscesses to go away.
Maybe we can have a contest to see whose horse blows theirs out first.
(At the rate my horse is going, you'll probably win!)
I'll bet you a batch a chocolate chip cookies....*giggle*
I have been known to unashamedly eat a batch in a day or two myself. You mean that isn't that totally normal?!

Terry said...

I voted "bottom". I have a horse with thin soles, so they always come out the bottom. I'm interested to hear that you don't have to have the vet out. How does that work? I've always had the vet out, done pain relief, epsom salt soaking, and iodine. The thing that's helped the most for my horse has been keeping him out of mud as much as possible.