Monday, September 14, 2009


Nothing going on here, and that's great.  Java's been out handgrazing with me several times today, she had a little nap time, and now, well, she's napping again... Yes, this is a different photo.  Hey, Martha Stewart's blog has photos of lavender fields taken from a helicopter ride to a restaurant for lunch, me, apparently I'm into consistency with my photo taking.  I don't have a helicopter ride planned, but if I do I'll deviate from my regular photos. 
With just Java here, It's like an incredibly quiet rejuvenation spa or something...  even the dogs are chilled out. 
The incoming boarder officially backed out.  Her current place dropped their board in half (WOW) so that she would stay.  Eh, that's OK.  Something better will come around, until then, it's all Java's.

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