Thursday, September 10, 2009

sights and smells

Sun eating. 
Sun does a few thing while out in the new paddock. 
Eats hay.
Walks the fence line.
Walks on his own poop as he walks the fence line.  (Java only steps on manure in emergencies, and only emergencies (ie: if the wood chipper is in action within sight).
Sun has been an incredibly good boy all week.  Poor little guy leaves this coming weekend.  I have put as much weight as possible on him in the last few weeks, he could use more.  I'm sure he will be fine at his new home.  Now that he eats like a normal horse, hopefully all the other details will fall into place for him.  (you are wondering if you think that you know what I mean, and you do know what I mean).
Cute little guy tried to kick me when I was topping off his water at night check last night. 
It's safe to say he has some baggage from a past experience at a different barn, some definite stall issues.  He'll be OK.  Java had all kinds of issues, and she's OK, heck, she's running my life for me, that's pretty good.
And, Jimbo next door is having his guys screen that huge pile of top soil this week (see pile with weeds growing out of it beyond java in the below pic).  The noise is highly... mesmerizing.  Java is tolerating it well.  Sun is far enough away in his paddock that he does not have to hear every little clunk, beep and thud.  Java is chillin.  Good girl.  I'll be psyched when that pile of dirt is gone/spread out, it will look at lot better there and here.
OH, and here's another tid bid that you did not expect:  that dirt that Jimbo is screening next door stinks like 300 year old cow crap.  It's old farm land and I don't know if it actually smells because it IS 300 year old cow crap, or if all top soil that's been in a pile for 6 months stinks like this, but either way, I'm hoping it's all done soon.  I laugh at the absurdity of this all.  Who would have guessed that this is my life.

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