Monday, September 22, 2008

Practicing patience and understanding

So, the timeline on this barn is unheard of fast, and that is awesome. Today up went the loft railing and more of the stalls. It looks great, I'm very pleased with the quality of the work that was done today, very nice job today. I can honestly say that today's work was beautiful and some of the best I've seen during the entire project.

Odd, but it's really hard to build custom. I really just want a great barn, built well and good quality. But, when I see each piece go up, I get really picky. And, that's the part that is hard. Do you mention the things that you were let down on, or just be glad that the barn is here and Java is home? Both would be great. Sigfridson builds such a great barn, but cannot control the carpenter. Neither can I. I'll wait until the doors and windows come together until I really worry. It may just be that some of the tangible stuff is still unfinished (doors, windows, trim) that some imperfect edges here and there look scary to me. I will practice patience this week. Java is well, happy today, relaxed and confident, and that's the important thing. How zen. :)

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