Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kellogg's Alert - John Deere Fruit Snacks Consumer Shunned

Oh, the photo is of the special fence we just labored over for the last too-many-days-to-count weeks, and it looks good. No, it's not electric. Hate that stuff, I could probably use a little electric shock therapy, but not Java and her buddies.
John Deer fruit snacks by Kellogg's: Houston - we have a PROBLEM. No lie, I went to the store tonight (yes, I had much better things to do) and after gathering my groceries, went to the customer service (ignore the word service for this day)) counter and was almost laughed at for asking about my John Deere Fruit Snacks by Kellogg's that were ordered for me. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES while a lady who had not brushed her teeth this year to treat me like a podunk hick because the fruit snacks were tractor oriented. A dude with hard core piercings came up to me and even commented on my stealth patience, and that he would have lost it on those un-service-customer-service-people by this time. well, guess what Adam's IGA - I tapped another source for the goodies - my local country store: Wade's Country Store. He's ordering them, and ordering them big time. He knows that people like to be happy, and how can't you be happy when enjoying a tidy packet of John Deere fruit snacks from Kellogg's. Those "ladies" at the Adam's IGA almost had me in tears in the parking lot as I loaded my overpriced produce into the car as I felt defeated, and treated like a hick. RUDE. Well, guess what, that will get me pretty fired up, and I will find those darn treats to supply my happy barn crew with, and my local John Deere enthusiasts (which Wades is a major John Deere enthusiast hang out) will step up to the plate. Yes, I will call Kellogg's about this. I don't think I would have been shunned if I was looking for the strawberry shortcake fruit snacks. Grr.

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