Monday, September 8, 2008

The Barn Doctor is IN. It's Ken Sigfridson of Sigfridson Wood Products!!

So, the barn is progressing BEAUTIFULLY. The foundation and clearing went very well, and fast by the excavator and foundation expert, thank you. BUT, there are a few things that he did not do as the plans detailed out (uh, isn't that what plans are for?).
Well, yes, but hey, I'm not perfect either (like the wonky formatting that I can't seem to fix right now on this post), I'm not going to show off my crazy-uptight-don't-you-understand-this-is-Java's-barn-and-it-needs-to-be-fabulous-now-and-I'll-DO-WHAT-IT-TAKES-to-make-that-happen, like when you hear of mothers that lift school buses with one arm to free their child from under the bus wheel, I will take on several contractors and their machinery with just my EYES.
But, looks like I'll be spared the cover of the Enquirer Magazine, the Barn Doctor is IN. It's my builder. He's come in to make sure that it's all going to work out. I still think everyone is great. I love my builder - Sigfridson Wood Products.
Duh, you will SO be hearing more about their amazing feats. Like, designing a fabulous barn and building it fast, tidy and awesome, without me even asking!? WOW! Top photo is of Ken Sigfridson, and lower photo is of his son Evan Sigfridson and carpenters Paul and Tom.

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