Monday, September 1, 2008

jabba the hutt

Java is in her temporary spot at a barn nearby. She is in a semi outdoor living situation for now. This is totally different for her, and so far, she is adapting, slowly. It is not unusual for people to think her name is Jabba instead of Java. SO, this photo is of Java in her hut, or if you prefer Jabba-in-her-hutt. She is disturbed by the fly population at her temporary home, and for now seldom leaves her hut. When I announce my arrival to her temporary home, she whinnies, leaves her hut, and turns around and goes straight back in, like: oh good, you're here, meet me inside, and please do something about these flies. How about a barn please.

Please don't worry (I am worried enough for everyone). Tomorrow she will get a bubble bath, extra grazing time and a nice long nap in the shade. We almost got the top paddock fence completed today...


The Southport Globe said...

La pim nallya so bata de wompa.
'I will get back to you on that one.'
Coona tee-tocky malia? 'What took you so long?'

Kavaa kyotopa bu whirlee backa?
'Can I visit the dancers backstage?'

Mwa droida bunno bunna droida.
'My droids will talk to your droids.'

Huttese was the native language of the Hutts, although it was spoken by many races, especially those on Tatooine. Because of the Hutts' commercial and criminal influence throughout the galaxy, Huttese was the second most common language after Galactic Basic, and served as the lingua franca for most of the space surrounding the Hutts' territory.

The Southport Globe said...

I bet Jaba can't wait to get into the new barn listening to prairie home companion..