Friday, June 11, 2010

paw problem

Lame.  Bandy is lame.  Poor little girl is sitting on the sidelines instead of patrolling around and keeping everyone in line.

While Mackie is licking buckets and eating grass... poor Bandy rests.  Her front right paw has some irritation.  I have examined it thoroughly.  I'm going to try an oatmeal foot bath, dry her out well between the toes and see how it goes.  I've called our awesome dog vets and they are ready to see her when I give up trying to fix her myself.  For such a tough little dog, she is taking this badly.  She will be OK.  :)

Same ol' here with the horses.  Moosie chowing, Java mowing and Stretch unfortunately fretting in his stall.  He can see the girls, but he is reaching his limit for stall rest.  It's been 4 weeks.  Two more to go, but he's done with it. 

News Flash:  Stretch has worked part of the catheter in his neck out.  Yuck, and inconvenient, and expensive.  Since he gets meds 4x a day, this puts a crimp in any plans I had for the day and fixing his catheter is a top priority.  I don't mind seeing the vets, but we almost made it to his next appointment on Tuesday when a new one would be installed (for lack of a better word, like stitched). 

Java and I have actually gotten out for some awesome rides lately.  Hope to keep up that trend!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Aww, poor Bandy. I hope it's nothing and she's back to gathering sticks in no time.

Terry said...

Poor Stretch! Poor Bandy. She looks like she feels quite sorry for herself. Hope they are both better soon.