Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey mom, does this grass make my butt look fat?
Stretch, what do you think (he's looking out the window, he's still on stall rest)?

OK mom, what about this angle.  Do I still look fat?

I'll eat while you think about that...

Does this angle still make me look fat?
Yum!  This is good stuff. 
Oops, Stretch, did you hear that?  Its actually really not tasty.  Too long to taste good.

What did you say, I can't hear you with my head in the grass like this:

OK, I think I look less fat from this angle.

Java and I had a great ride yesterday.  And, we're heading out for another ride now.  Mr. Java's Mom mowed this paddock the day after these pics.  Java did a test graze for me,  the grass is not established enough for grazing full time yet.  So it's mowed and resting more.  Good thing, she does not exactly need any  more weight on her.  :)


Terry said...

Yout grass is beautiful! And so is Java.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh!~ Popped over from Terry's(above) to see your Lovely and famous Java mare. What a fabulous place you have..and she is gorgeous too! Yea...mine appears to be grassing up the body too...need to ride more eat less!(works both ways-teehehe)