Tuesday, June 8, 2010

finally a post

OK, finally getting a blog post out. I wrote one yesterday, but deleted it, on purpose.  The brief version: I mentioned my dislike for the neighbor, one horse and it's bizarre choices, and my concern that I am going insane.  Not certifiably insane, just a little nutz.  With a z.

Things are fine here, the horses are good.  But when it comes time to post here, it is hard to just hit the sunshine pretty sky la la land details and not mention the neighbor, manure, and other things that sometimes drag you down.

So, good point: the trees are growing quickly between the neighbor and us.
Bad point: I went to the store with 3 things on the list, and forgot one.  How???

Mackie and all of his beautifulness with the koi:

Bandy with hair tied up so that she can see and swimming obviously with a large stick:

Bandy terrorizing anyone with her stick.  Practicing her ninja moves:

My excellent photo skills hard at work...
I know you are not supposed to take a photo into the sun, but I did anyway. 

Java is in the corner in the shade in this photo. 

We rotated the horses off this paddock, mowed it even and let it rest for 3 weeks.  It recovered nicely and now Java is back on it grazing while the other paddock is resting.  We are installing fencing around one more space for 4 total grass paddocks. 


Terry said...

The pictures are lovely. I especially admire your pond, complete with koi!

Hey, you don't have to put on a happy face - just share what you want to, good or bad.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

You have the cutest dogs!

Agree with Terry, share the good and the bad. Goodness I have certainly been known to complain a time or two on my blog!