Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Java first thing in the morning:  This is her, "hi mom, please take me out to the grass now" look.  She gets no grain right now.  She has become a very easy keeper, so she gets to be out on the grass all day, and comes in at night to rest and eat a little hay.  Since she does not get much hay either, just enough to keep her busy when in the barn, by morning, she is done with this stall/barn stuff and ready to go back out.

Just a few minutes later, she is where she wants to be.

Moosie pretends that she is starving, inhales her grain and supplements, and then stuffs as much hay into her mouth as possible... even though she eats more hay than Java... and Stretch actually.  It is strange, but she does not like being out on the grass for more than an hour.  After about an hour, she runs and runs and runs.  SO... dirt lot with hay for you.  Maybe she will adjust eventually.

What I really see in this picture is the steam coming out of the manure cabana behind her.

Poor pretty Stretch is on stall rest.  He is fighting an infection in his abdomen and is only responding to one med.  The one med that is administered safest via catheter.  He did not respond to any other meds, we tried them all... and this is the ONE med.  He has been on stall rest for 3 weeks, and has 3 more to go.  Actually 16 days, but who's counting.  He has handled stall rest incredibly well.  But, sometimes, he really really wants to go out.  He gets hand grazed and walked by me, but it's not the same as getting to go out, roll inthe dirt and be a horse.  Sometimes he wants to kill me, but since he has not succeeded yet, we take this day by day.  He is a wonderful horse, I don't get mad at him, even when he gets a little feisty.

Stretch's Feisty Look:

Stretch with a more sane look:

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Terry said...

Poor Stretch! I'm glad he's at such a nice barn with good care.