Monday, June 21, 2010

a few photos

Java and Lucie (aka Moosie) were out in the top paddock yesterday morning and all was well... until one of them got running confused with grazing.  So I separated them. 
The one that does not run stayed on the grass... that would be Java.
Playing, feeling good, getting a little fun in between grazing, that's fine.  Running like a dope and looking for attention warrants a demotion.
We got a nice rain mid-day yesterday, then they went back out.  Yes, I bring them in when we get a good hard rain.  :)

Java back out after the rain.  It's close enough to dinner time that she is staying near the barn.  She does not get dinner, or breakfast, but she likes being with her peeps for their meals.

Stretch holding down the fort (that's his head in the window on the right).  He ends stall rest this Saturday.
We are counting down the days, I am so happy for him that he will be out and get to be a horse again.  He has been a very good boy.  At times a crazy horse, but that's understandable. 

Java still grazing...

Mr Java's Mom and I put a little splash tub in the paddock for Java (to the left of her head in this photo).
She likes to paw the water and splash herself.  SPOILED.  She has a separate bucket for drinking.

This is taken from the far side of the paddock... the side Java should graze more often, the grass is nicer back here.  She is in the background in the middle of the photo looking at me wondering what I'm up to.  We were checking fence.


Rising Rainbow said...

Nice pics.......all pretty and green.

Terry said...

Stretch will be in heaven. Graze. No, play! Graze! No, play!