Thursday, January 29, 2009

still snow covered

Ironic, but anywhere we shoveled is sheer, polished ice. Everything else is OK. That's good because the horses still have oodles of deep snow to play and roll in.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

weather oops

Me: Wow, we don't have ice here. I've been riding at least 5 days a week, the horses spend all day out and have had fluffy snow to roll in.

Me Now: Not anymore.

It's raining cats and dogs, on the snow. Holywet. In just amount of time it took to go up and back to the barn I got soaked clear through my John Deere hat and through to my long johns! (gotta have those up here in CT). There is too much snow to go away/melt, and it's too cold to melt, but just warm enough to rain. Hmpf. Tomorrow we'll have that ice we've escaped so far. It's crazy wet out. The snow is so heavy and deep it's even difficult to walk in! Mr. Java's Mom took a look at me after I went out to the barn to check on the horses and said, wow, look at you (wet) you need some rain gear! yes, but no, I hope this only happens about once a year, max.

Still love it all here at the farm/barn/house though, snow, sun, rain and ice. This photos is not from today, the camera would die in this rain. I'll see what I can do for you tomorrow for a nice picture. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

National Geographic episode here at home

Java and I had another excellent trail ride on Friday. A little more challenging than normal (my fault, I did not know the stream was THAT deep), but so fun, and she had a blast, at times galloping through the snow. We were almost home, in our woods, and all of the sudden she spooked and jumped forward erratically. At the same time I heard something go past us behind me. It is very unusual for her to spook like that, so I looked around and... it's a hawk who has just caught a squirrel and is quietly sealing it's fate. Poor squirrel, but SO COOL.

Here are it's claw marks where it must have picked up the squirrel. And, if you look closely at the top left of the photo you can see an impression in the snow of the end of it's wings as it snatched up it's feast. It then moved and hid behind the tree to kill the squirrel and eat. It left the leftovers for the fox that I'm sure lives here too. I'm glad they share.

This is the hawk I saw, not THE one, but a photo of the same bird. Yes, it was a Red Tailed Hawk, I confirmed with with my handy dandy guide book that I took out from the library because I like pretending that I'm a geek. Apparently they are very common, and only kill a few squirrels each year (and I got to see one!). Actually, I like hearing the bird noises and matching them with the book so I can figure what is in the woods. So far I know of at least one Red Tailed Hawk and what sounds like a few Great Horned Owls.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

all is well

All is well. More snow, happy horses and the usual: The rain barrel froze so solid that it rolled away from the barn. We now have a 60 pound block of ice that had to be slid out of the way like a mini submarine in the snow to make way for the hay truck. We might get it back up by the weekend if it gets warm enough. Even the best laid plans... whatever that phrase is. Java and I have had some awesome rides lately. There is something so spectacular about being able to stroll around on horseback on your own property, then the next day go out for an hour and a half in the woods on totally fresh tracks. Definitely makes up for the frozen rain barrel laying on the ground in the way.

Monday, January 19, 2009

snow and hay...

The truck made it up the driveway, no problem. No kidding.

Then the nice delivery guys say, we did not bring all your hay, we'll come back next week. No kidding. I got all my bedding and a little less than half of the hay. But that's OK. As long as they can get up the driveway again, because of course we got more snow. A substantial amount actually. They are so nice, I don't mind.

We're planning our Spring projects already. Another paddock, or two, a wood shed and probably watching the neighbor put up his house.

I'll put up another post later today with more interesting pictures. The horses were still eating breakfast and not out of the barn yet when I took these. I'm sure I'll have something more interesting to say. Right now I'm holding back from telling you how the weekend really was, but thought I should be nice. It's a good challenge for me to practice keeping some things to myself.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ho hum, more snow, and a survey

Guess what.


We got more snow.

I get a mother load of hay tomorrow. My largest delivery yet. That will be interesting. I'll take a picture of the loft after it's loaded, it will be chocka.
There is a survey to the right about the delivery, you have only 24 hours to cast your vote on whether you think the delivery truck will make it to the barn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

more riding

They are out there... probably in the back right corner. For some reason that is their hang out spot lately.

And, we went for a ride. It really was great, again.

Nothing particularly interesting aside from this bliss. I'm doing what most do: coordinating work, hay, bedding and dog barf, but it's more fun to think about the trail ride.

Monday, January 12, 2009

happiness is...

If we are friends and I don't get together with you, I hope you understand. It's because I like it here so much that I don't leave often. That and that I spend so much time with animals now that I swear like a trucker frequently, it's better than I stay away from others. The horses are in the top paddock today, soaking in the sun. They are very happy lately.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

yackie mackie

Do dogs like bran mash?
yes and no.
yes they like to eat it.
no they do not like to digest it.
After feeding out a bran mash I let Mackie lick a little. Bad idea. He yacked in two spots. One right outside the barn door. I'm surprised I did not step in it. The other place he yacked, I did step in it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


new weather today: ice. haven't had that yet this winter. yes, we've had ice, but not like this. we're fine, did not lose power and the horses are happy. the dogs too.

The big four leggeds did go out in this today for a while with rain sheets on. They made it their mission to eat their hay (keeps them warm) while I mucked out. They are out there in the pasture photo, but are under a tree with their hay.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I can always count on Java, my trusty steed

Photo is of Java getting ready for a ride. She is my trusty steed. In real life I'm a real estate agent. Java pretty much comes to a halt when she hears the phone (she learned this trick when the market was hot). So, we're on the trail and the phone rings, she comes to a nice stop and I'm chatting away.... in the woods on my phone sitting on my horse who is standing while I chat. Yes, odd. Then I drop my glove. It's in the 20's... must have glove. I tell the person on the phone I have to call them right back. Java keeps standing while I get off, talking to her the whole time about how silly to drop my glove while in the woods alone, and she happily accepts a candy cane piece as a reward and I climb back on. Then stands while I dial the guy back and she continues with the ride on the trails while I blah blah on the phone, crossing a stream and all. Dang Java is great.

And, guess what!? The weather right now... it's snowing... again.

Monday, January 5, 2009

BB - Before Barn

Ah, warm days, green grass, sun higher in the sky and longer outdoor time..... The barn was not here yet, this photo was taken BB - Before Barn.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dressed with as many layers as possible (lined Carhartts are perfect in every sense of the word, except I cannot ride in them), plus blaze orange, and pony tail sticking out (I normally put my hair up in my hat, but would rather use money to have extra shavings in their stalls than a haircut!) Mr. Java's Mom took this video of us being silly. We just finished a walk in the woods and thought some more fun on the fern path at home would be good finale. It was.

Friday, January 2, 2009


The weather is now decent ... temps in the 30's. Java and I had a wonderful ride on the property today. The 'fern path' had the nicest footing and Java seemed to love it, so we found ourselves going back and forth on it, what a nice ride. She is an absolutely wonderful horse and really enjoys it when we get out for rides.

This video is of us cantering up the path, but it ended up looking like a lot of Java's fuzzy mane and wind noise.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the simple life and Carhartt lined overalls

I'm like an old man always talking about the weather... but there's so much weather to talk about lately! We got snow, a beautiful powdery blanket. Then single digit temperatures. Oh yes, I DO wear Carhartt's lined overalls. And yes, I look funny. And yes, I'm OK with that.
I'd write more, but instead would like to go drink a glass of wine in front of the fire before having a nice dinner. Yes, that's right. So, I'll post more later... hopefully not about the weather. Probably about Java and how great it is to have your very own barn and happy horses in it.