Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I can always count on Java, my trusty steed

Photo is of Java getting ready for a ride. She is my trusty steed. In real life I'm a real estate agent. Java pretty much comes to a halt when she hears the phone (she learned this trick when the market was hot). So, we're on the trail and the phone rings, she comes to a nice stop and I'm chatting away.... in the woods on my phone sitting on my horse who is standing while I chat. Yes, odd. Then I drop my glove. It's in the 20's... must have glove. I tell the person on the phone I have to call them right back. Java keeps standing while I get off, talking to her the whole time about how silly to drop my glove while in the woods alone, and she happily accepts a candy cane piece as a reward and I climb back on. Then stands while I dial the guy back and she continues with the ride on the trails while I blah blah on the phone, crossing a stream and all. Dang Java is great.

And, guess what!? The weather right now... it's snowing... again.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a lovely trusty steed she is. It's as if she is reading your mind, which you can be sure she is. :)

In that picture your barn ceiling looks so low. Java seems so tall there.
How tall is she?

Enjoy your rides :)


Java's Mom said...

Java is 16.3. The ceiling is 9 feet high. Her neck is "put on high" and tends to pop her head up to check things out... but she won't be touching the ceiling in this barn (knock on wood!). I built it just for her and her head. :) She used to hit her head in other barns, ow.

In the photo if you look closley, the ceiling is up there, the beam about ear height is not part of the ceiling, but on the side of the aisle.