Wednesday, January 21, 2009

all is well

All is well. More snow, happy horses and the usual: The rain barrel froze so solid that it rolled away from the barn. We now have a 60 pound block of ice that had to be slid out of the way like a mini submarine in the snow to make way for the hay truck. We might get it back up by the weekend if it gets warm enough. Even the best laid plans... whatever that phrase is. Java and I have had some awesome rides lately. There is something so spectacular about being able to stroll around on horseback on your own property, then the next day go out for an hour and a half in the woods on totally fresh tracks. Definitely makes up for the frozen rain barrel laying on the ground in the way.


gtyyup said...

You just keep getting more and more snow don't you! Glad to hear your having some nice rides...enjoy~~

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Brrrr! All that snow. It's good that the horses don't seem to mind much.

Girl, you are living your dreams riding around in such beautiful country :)