Monday, January 19, 2009

snow and hay...

The truck made it up the driveway, no problem. No kidding.

Then the nice delivery guys say, we did not bring all your hay, we'll come back next week. No kidding. I got all my bedding and a little less than half of the hay. But that's OK. As long as they can get up the driveway again, because of course we got more snow. A substantial amount actually. They are so nice, I don't mind.

We're planning our Spring projects already. Another paddock, or two, a wood shed and probably watching the neighbor put up his house.

I'll put up another post later today with more interesting pictures. The horses were still eating breakfast and not out of the barn yet when I took these. I'm sure I'll have something more interesting to say. Right now I'm holding back from telling you how the weekend really was, but thought I should be nice. It's a good challenge for me to practice keeping some things to myself.


Mickey said...

Yay, they made it up. Woo-hoo! Hey, if they did it once, they can do it again. Well, hopefully. :o) he, he

Question.... how do they get the hay up to your loft? Do they have an elevator type gizmo like in the old days to get it up there, or do they have to carry up stairs? Just curious how that works.

Oh, and no fair that you're keeping the REAL weekend to yourself. That's just not fun for us at all. *wink* :o)

Java's Mom said...

OK Mickey... I have to ask, do I know you?

Java's Mom said...

OH, and yes, they use a hay elevator. Granted on the day of the delivery it was barely working, but well enough to get all the hay and shavings (bagged) upstairs.