Thursday, April 1, 2010

we did not float away

We got 8.44 inches of rain in a day.  Awesome.

The rain finally let up for a few mintues, and I took these photos.

The barn, it's still here. 
The horses at the time of this photo are in the barn happy as can be that they did not have to endure the monsoon.

Mackie's realistic squirrel toy looks drowned:

Mackie: I did not know there was a stream here:

Bandy:  Uh, I'm a little soggy:

Then I go down to the koi  pond and walk along the stream that feeds the pond and quickly confirmed something.  I had a suspicion for a while that something was not right... YES, I have a hole in my welly boots.  It's been a great 3 years wellie boots, I thought we would be together forever, but... apparently not.

SO, I wore my much boot shoes the next day.  The mud sucked the shoe off, and my foot with sock went right into the mud, deep.  Then I had to put my mud socked foot BACK INTO the shoe.  I wonder how long until I wear those again.  The sun is out today, so I'm back in my wellies.  :)


Anonymous said...

That's a LOT of rain - it sounds like it might have been a record.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Wow, glad you haven't floated away. That is some serious rain!!