Friday, April 16, 2010

Life is normal here:

I would post more often, but I'm busy. Taxes, dogs, feed deliveries, riding, grooming, septic tank failure, concrete deliveries of the wrong size, property tax reassessment, tree people that work for the state to get approval to cut down trees along the road, you know all the stuff!  As soon as I got over filing our taxes, the septic system is having some form of mid-life crisis... which seems like something that I want to have.  Those are fun, right?

Blue skies and sun this week.  Mackie loves sun baths:

The barn is still here:

The horses are spending a lot of time outside, the love the warmer temperatures lately:

Java's favorite paddock has been re-seeded and is resting.  Germination is prolific, and that is good:

Bandy got a hair cut. 

The top paddock is still resting, growing, looking good so far:

Bandy and Mackie, both have their toys safely in reach, ready for dinner:


Anonymous said...

Septic tank failure? That sounds like loads of fun - at least your weather seems to be OK for now.

Jason said...

Sounds like it might be time for a call to the local honey wagon/septic pumping service ?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great to hear from you. It sure looks gorgeous green!

I hope the septic system is something minor in repairs, too.


Terry said...

Wow! Green grass! Pretty!