Monday, April 19, 2010

No crisis

Why do I spend so much time with manure, freeze, sweat and put up with all the mess and hard work of horses?
Well, Java of course, she is worth every bit.  But the other reason is walking out the door to feed, and this is my view.  They are in there, ready for breakfast and to start the day... and I get to do all that here at home.  I like that.

While they are eating their breakfast, I set up the paddocks with hay, water, etc. 
The dogs come with me.  Bandy is always near by, keeping watch.  Mackie is always wandering around.

This area is bigger than the photo makes it look, but this finally will be another paddock soon.

Then I wrangle the dogs back into the house and head back to the barn... gazing at all the grass growing, and what a nice spring it has been. 

And, toss the horses out.  They are still acclimating to grass, so they spend most of their time in their sacrafice paddocks... eating hay and looking at the grass...  They get it later in the day.

And, good news.  I am going to skip the midlife crisis. 
And, our septic problems worked out.  We built an outhouse... just kidding!  A couple of experts checked everything out and we worked out a plan.  All is well.

The builder neighbor finally moved in... I'll update you soon.  No, he does not have horses, that's OK.


Anonymous said...

Looks good - in fact great! Glad all septic problems were figured out - those can be a nightmare.

John Gray said...

is that your barn? it looks absolutely wonderfull!!