Monday, March 29, 2010

rain, new tractor - John Deere 2320

I'm miss you all... but it's been busy.  One horse out (good), one horse in (great!) and a new tractor.  We can get twice a much done now with me on one tractor and husband on the other... and the more we get done, the closer we are to one day... doing other things other than getting the property the best it can be.  We have a lot of projects going on, and neighbor drama, and horse antics, so we're not worried about being too boring at least.

But... sometimes the weather gets in the way... like... every three days.
Hmmm.... we empty the rain gauge regularly, since it only goes up to 6 inches.  But now the rain gauge is SITTING in water.  It's just a lot of rain that we are getting.  As long as we don't float away, it will all be fine.  Unfortunately, about 75 lbs. of grass seed that we just meticuliously planted probably has, but I"m sure someone, somewhere downstream will enjoy it.

The new tractor.  It's a John Deere 2320. 
About one minute after I took this photo, the delivery guy carefully unloaded it off his truck...
Then ran the ROPS (roll over protection) into the garage frame and door. 
The ROPS folds over... too bad be are about an inch short.  Well, at least we know now. 

So, what do you do with a brand new tractor?  Well, it was raining, big surprise, so we go to the one thing that always needs to be done... move manure!

Jeremy (that's Mr. Java's Mom's real name) takes the tractor up to the barn right away for some work!  Don't worry, I opened the gate for him:

Clean, shiny bucket (except for the delivery writing on the bottom that the dealer apparently was too bust to wipe off... that's OK, we'll get to that, or wear it off in about two more days:  

Clean, spanking brand new bucket:

Manure in.  Welcome to the family 2320!

As you can see in the background, Jim-bo's house is up.  He's getting ready to move in.  Suburbia found us.  Darn.  :)


Anonymous said...

OOOOH - I have serious tractor envy!

Wendy said...

Do you have the floor plan of Java's Barn online? I thought I remembered seeing it, but couldn't find it in the old posts. Maybe it was on COTH?

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Welcome back! Tell the Mr. that's a nice tractor. Sure has a thing for green...Me, I like blue. Nice to see he got the counterweight - they can get a little light in the back with a loader full of stone or dirt.

Java's Mom said...

Wendy - I do not have a floor plan for my barn on line. It's a basic post and beam 24x34 with a 12 ft overhang on the back. I drove around for a year compiling photos, ideas, spoke with builders, etc and came up with the plan and layout myself. I had my builder use a person he likes to have them drawn up for the permit procees (I had to get the permits, but was actually easy). I did at one time pay a lot of money (too much... hello regret)) for a plan to be drawn for a stick builder to build from, but it was not drawn by a barn builder and they were not useable...unless horses can fit their heads out a double hung window like houses have and other crazy stupid stuff.

My builder was Ken Sigrfridson: he builds barns. great barns. mine is about as basic as he gets, but he is great.

He will sell plans, kits build and travel. it's worth a call to his place, he is like a natural barn genius and you tell him what you want and he makes it horse worthy. Wendy, Are you building soon?

Terry said...

Congratulations on your new tractor! When you get to know it, let us know which tractor you like best - a John Deere is on our list.

I'm looking forward to pics of Java, and the new lucky resident.

Java's Mom said...

HI Cedar View: thanks for checking, we definetly need the ballast box/counter weights for both tractors. We like green A LOT, and there are plenty of places for more JD Green nearby for service and attachments, etc. We have a friend with a New Holland and he loves it... but the nearest service place for his NH is apparently hours away. That's cool, you're still my blog friend blue tractor and all, we're tractor cross brand friendly (mostly)! :)

Java's Mom said...

HI Terry, I'll get more into tractor info soon. We do a lot with them and use them every day, I'll give a review for you, but I"ll be sure to not offend tractor owners of other makes, I don't want to hurt any tractor pride out there.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That is exactly the tractor I want - Jason calls them garden tractors on steroids (he means that in a nice, cute way - not an insult!). To be honest I find our big 100hp tractors intimidating, especially out on the hills. I feel too high off the ground and I don't like it! Jason promises me that I can have my baby tractor one day, and I will be even more excited than you are!!

Maxwell said... you got your twenny-tree-oh-five and a new could do a double-youtube feature!! lol

Sharon said...

Nice barn. Fine tractor. CUTE husband. GORGEOUS horse. Lucky girl!