Saturday, February 28, 2009

breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do, and especially hard with the horse and owner are so beautiful. Well, it is time to break the news to you all: Creme had to leave. With only three stalls, and only two horses currently on the property (Java and Creme), it was something I had to do: Break up Java and Creme.
Creme is seeks geldings to play with, goof off with and would love a play friend to do these things with (think teenage boy with his rat pack). Java seeks an affectionate companion who enjoys long naps and consuming lots of hay and grazing for hours on end (think high maintenance middle aged princess). It was a terribly difficult decision, and today was the day that Creme left for his new home. He will have geldings to goof off with, and lots of fun for Creme and his owner. I actually used to board at the barn they are going to and it is a great fit. Java even loved living there, and as we know, she is sooooooo picky. We also set up the third stall this weekend to prepare for a third horse so we have have one happy bunch here.

Java is not the type to hang out alone, as a matter of fact, she would probably have a nervous breakdown is she were left alone. SO, she has a new companion. His name is QT. Photo and story of his arrival to come tomorrow. He is about the same size as Creme, and is going to try out retirement here at the Land O' Java. So far he thinks the big stall, limitless hay and the whole scene are pretty cool. I'll tell you more tomorrow, but don't want this to be one of those annoying wordy blog posts...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

another roll in the snow

Mackie getting a good roll in the fresh snow yesterday morning. Today it poured rain, so it's gone now. He knows how to live up every opportunity life presents.

Friday, February 20, 2009

guess what

Guess what? more snow. It's cold and windy... now that the neighbor cut down all his trees... and our wind block. We chatted a little yesterday, he really is a very nice guy, and is quite considerate of the horses. We're still going to plant on our side, we do like the wind block and Java likes her privacy.
And, the rarely photographed, adorable, special Bearded Collie: Bandy. Bandy's job is to run Mackie around so he stays in good shape and does not become a big fat Labrador. Since Bandy joined the family in November, Mackie has probably lost close to 10 pounds. She loves to run him around, and she's a very good snuggler. Mackie is talented in everything he does.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

more of this please

The weather is warm, cold, snowing, raining, foggy and now mudding. I'm rushing around this morning because I have to go to work (gasp), which means I have to leave the property in normal clothes. This takes a lot of extra planning lately. I work mostly from home, but leaving the property in clothing other than Carhartt is a challenge. More coffee.

I whisper sweet talk to Java and Creme as I turn them out explaining that they need to please have a good morning, please don't get hurt and enjoy the morning. I scurry back to the barn loft and carefully choose a new bale to cut open. I'm looking for a bale that they will really like. JACKPOT. As I approached the gate with more (since they liked it extra extra, I decided they could have a little extra extra) Java looked up at me, mouth full with an expression that said "um... this is good, may we please have more of this, thank you". She has wonderful manners.

Here they are happily sharing their apparently extra tasty hay this morning. Really, it's hard to worry about much when you see Java happily enjoying hay and a good life. That top on my list of 935,832,128 things I love about having my own barn.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

same old, sort of... but warmer!

I swear, this photo was taken this morning... see how it all looks the same. Snow, barren, but at least it's less cold...

Here are a couple of differences:

The snow is melting. AND the rain barrel fell over AGAIN. Ugh.

Hay stuck to snow and ice.

And, the piece de resistance (remember that Java is French), the neighbor's lot and port-a-poddy. How pretty. We are selecting trees to plant. At least Creme and Java have something to watch during the day as the crew over there obliterates the trees. But, it's true, the new neighbor really is a nice guy. That must count for something. Hey, come on, I'm trying to be nice!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I've taken new photos almost every day, and done the usual here at the barn, but it all looks the same. And when Java and Creme are up in the top field, they are sometimes so far away that you can't see them well in the photo. I've held off posting to see if anything exciting happens, and not yet. I would say that's a good thing, so no complaints here about having a routine. It's going to be warm today (40's) so there will be some melting... that could be considered exciting!

Monday, February 2, 2009

sun at last

At last, temperatures that start with a 3. It's 32*. Birds are chirping, the chainsaw next door is humming and there is a little bit it snow melting. That is good, because we're due to get more snow tomorrow. It seems absurd, so I'll believe it when I see it. And, Mr. Javas mom got the frozen rain barrel out of the way that fell over (about a month ago) yesterday. Progress... :)