Thursday, February 19, 2009

more of this please

The weather is warm, cold, snowing, raining, foggy and now mudding. I'm rushing around this morning because I have to go to work (gasp), which means I have to leave the property in normal clothes. This takes a lot of extra planning lately. I work mostly from home, but leaving the property in clothing other than Carhartt is a challenge. More coffee.

I whisper sweet talk to Java and Creme as I turn them out explaining that they need to please have a good morning, please don't get hurt and enjoy the morning. I scurry back to the barn loft and carefully choose a new bale to cut open. I'm looking for a bale that they will really like. JACKPOT. As I approached the gate with more (since they liked it extra extra, I decided they could have a little extra extra) Java looked up at me, mouth full with an expression that said "um... this is good, may we please have more of this, thank you". She has wonderful manners.

Here they are happily sharing their apparently extra tasty hay this morning. Really, it's hard to worry about much when you see Java happily enjoying hay and a good life. That top on my list of 935,832,128 things I love about having my own barn.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that you get to see your horses doing their horse thing - even when you do have to go to work!