Friday, February 20, 2009

guess what

Guess what? more snow. It's cold and windy... now that the neighbor cut down all his trees... and our wind block. We chatted a little yesterday, he really is a very nice guy, and is quite considerate of the horses. We're still going to plant on our side, we do like the wind block and Java likes her privacy.
And, the rarely photographed, adorable, special Bearded Collie: Bandy. Bandy's job is to run Mackie around so he stays in good shape and does not become a big fat Labrador. Since Bandy joined the family in November, Mackie has probably lost close to 10 pounds. She loves to run him around, and she's a very good snuggler. Mackie is talented in everything he does.

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Anonymous said...

More snow - sigh . . . We're supposed to get 6-8" tonight and tomorrow - but at least it will be fun watching the horses play and roll in the snow - they really love it!