Saturday, February 28, 2009

breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do, and especially hard with the horse and owner are so beautiful. Well, it is time to break the news to you all: Creme had to leave. With only three stalls, and only two horses currently on the property (Java and Creme), it was something I had to do: Break up Java and Creme.
Creme is seeks geldings to play with, goof off with and would love a play friend to do these things with (think teenage boy with his rat pack). Java seeks an affectionate companion who enjoys long naps and consuming lots of hay and grazing for hours on end (think high maintenance middle aged princess). It was a terribly difficult decision, and today was the day that Creme left for his new home. He will have geldings to goof off with, and lots of fun for Creme and his owner. I actually used to board at the barn they are going to and it is a great fit. Java even loved living there, and as we know, she is sooooooo picky. We also set up the third stall this weekend to prepare for a third horse so we have have one happy bunch here.

Java is not the type to hang out alone, as a matter of fact, she would probably have a nervous breakdown is she were left alone. SO, she has a new companion. His name is QT. Photo and story of his arrival to come tomorrow. He is about the same size as Creme, and is going to try out retirement here at the Land O' Java. So far he thinks the big stall, limitless hay and the whole scene are pretty cool. I'll tell you more tomorrow, but don't want this to be one of those annoying wordy blog posts...

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good decision. We had one young gelding in a herd of seniors, and he was very frustrated that no one would run and play with him, until another playful horse arrived - problem solved! Look forward to hearing about the new arrival!