Wednesday, February 11, 2009

same old, sort of... but warmer!

I swear, this photo was taken this morning... see how it all looks the same. Snow, barren, but at least it's less cold...

Here are a couple of differences:

The snow is melting. AND the rain barrel fell over AGAIN. Ugh.

Hay stuck to snow and ice.

And, the piece de resistance (remember that Java is French), the neighbor's lot and port-a-poddy. How pretty. We are selecting trees to plant. At least Creme and Java have something to watch during the day as the crew over there obliterates the trees. But, it's true, the new neighbor really is a nice guy. That must count for something. Hey, come on, I'm trying to be nice!

1 comment:

the7msn said...

Nice or not, I'd be selecting the fast-growing kind of trees.