Monday, November 3, 2008

A Secret

OK, a little secret: Java's lame. The day we took that honkin' long trail ride where she had to get us home because I got lost... later that day I think she stepped on a rock here at home. She was eagerly greeting me as I was walking out of the house to her, and she trotted along the fence line (looking at me, not where she was going), and there was a rock just above the surface. I had not carefully inspected that fence line yet, and she took a bad step. I think it's a heel bruise, which might be turning into an abscess. She's still bright eyed and happy, but with a little limp going to the left. I bring her in to rest mid day. But it's kind of funny in a non ha way. I obsess over the barn. I whip the carpenter to finish it. I bring Java home and now she's lame. Actually that may be a ha funny thing. Oh, and if I feel like it, I'll tell you another secret tomorrow.

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The Southport Globe said...

that's a great photo of Java..