Monday, November 10, 2008

mackie is wackie

Mackie is such a lab. Slobbery at times, loves to swim, and will sniff a glove out of nowhere and make it look like the most fun discovery of the day. Oh, maybe it is the most fun discovery of the day, now that manure has lost it's attraction, thank god. There is video of Mackie rolling, oh and snorting, like a pig.

And Java? What's she up to? She may be chilling out and becoming a horse again (instead of being a stressed worrisome beast, like me). And, she and Creme had a blast yesterday goofing off in the paddock blowing off steam. Bucking, running and rolling. The photo from inside the barn is at breakfast time this morning, fueling up for more fun.


The Southport Globe said...

VERY innovative use of video..I'm impressed...very impressed..and by the way Mackie seems like he's pretty content.

The Southport Globe said...

Kind of a lazy supervisor in total control..A very pleasant one..Mackie appears to be so lazy that, it is almost a laid back swagger. He's confident everything is under control. There's no reason to drop everything and scramble over to the other side of the barn to put out a fire..Oh no. Because Mackie has everything under control.