Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rat strategy and general Java update

If you are lucky enough to not need to know about rats, this is an important fact:  They are smart.  If you have tried ever to kill rats, you are saying to yourself, "duh! they are not easy to trap".

I have not caught one since the wonderful snap trap kill.  I know there is at least one more.  Darn thing doesn't even bother to be shy, GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   

So... I bought a "Rat Zapper".

This thing is supposed to kill rats and mice with an efficient zap of electrocution.  Nice and easy.  Then a light goes on in the box indicating that something dead is inside, you slide the dead thing out (or over the wall, he he, just kidding) and re-set for more wonderful moments of dead-ness. (nevermind that this section of text for some reason is highlighted).

BUT.  I have not caught a thing since getting it on Friday.  This is disappointing for a few reasons, including that I was going to measure the rats for bigness (fun!).  Bait is supposed to be dry.  So the bait currently is a dried date and some dry dog food.

These rats are smart.  I will get them though.  Because I don't want to get a cat, I'm motivated to get the Zapper going in high gear.  Tonight I'm going to try some left over stuffing... dry, but barely moist at this point.  And I have plenty left over in case it works.

Meanwhile, Java is painfully lame.  Her right front is the problem.  I'm hoping abscess.  The vet arrives tomorrow.  She's tough as nails, bright, and weight bearing, but I can see it hurts her.  She does not soak, but will leave a bandage on, so she is getting her hoof packed and today is on stall rest today (it's raining like crazy anyway).  Well, at least I don't have to worry about riding.

Yesterday Java and Sugar were very interested in something across the neighbors chemically green lawn and into the woods.  I'm guessing a trail rider.  Sugar was sure it was a monster, before the pics he had his little arab tail up and was snorting.  I took the opportunity to take some photos of the two of them, even though they are dirty.  The third horse "T" was actually spooking at something in the opposite direction, so she did not make it into the photos.

OH, and Bandy's haircut.  The one she got after getting into the burrs (a couple of posts ago).  Poor thing, she likes it, but it's not exactly the best haircut I've given her.  It's her long haired Jack Russel mixed with I-don't-know-what look.


Anonymous said...

Rats!! Good luck on that!

Your new boarder is a cute little guy!

Jason said...

Havoc is my raticide of choice. I buy it by the case. If you choose to go this way it's safer for all other species to put the bait inside a bait station and keep the bait station up off the floor.

Mostly I am a live and let live kind of guy but I *detest* rats. I have been this way ever since I was a little boy and one ran up the inside of my overalls when it got startled in the barn.

Java's Mom said...

We have a rat bait station in the barn... the hole into the bait station must be too small, ew!!! Maybe once I start catching the buggers I'll see if they measure too big. They don't seem to be as crafty as mice as for getting in to small spaces. Or, the rats here are too lazy to work that hard for food. Either way, they will have to die. I hope the stuffing works in the Zapper tonight!

in2paints said...

Beautiful pictures! And Bandy is absolutely adorable!!

Terry said...

I know that "high alert" look!