Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Compost cooking and rodent body count:

Every weekend, Mr. Java's Mom heads over to what we call the farmyard area of the property and takes the manure from the "turning bin" and puts it into one of the 3 other bins of the Manure Cabana.  I'm pretty good in the kitchen, but I make good compost too.  You can tell by the steam.  We bed with straw, so it cooks down fast.

Nice and steamy:

Making sure he gets a good bucket full:

and, into the other bin for more cooking:

other compost shots:

I turn around, and see that everything is under control, we are being supervised:

The rodent count:
Rat Zapper has caught 3 mice, one of which got blasted out of the zapper.  Zero rats.  This means that I have many less rodents than I thought, they are eating the poison and dying politely somewhere else, or I have very smart rats and mice and they avoid the zapper.

Java has a confirmed abscess in her front right hoof.  It is a doosey (this does not spell check but you know what I mean).  Her heel bulb is bulging as the abscess is working it's way out of her hoof.  Yikes.  She is tolerating her prescribed veterinary treatment well (OK that's a small lie, she will not tolerate having her hoof soaked, but will let me wrap it in anything I want 24x7), and I hope we're done with this in a few days.  I'm not complaining, I'd rather an abscess any day over most other lameness possibilities.


Terry said...

Been there, done that with the abscesses. Paj hasn't had one this year because it's been so dry. On the other hand, the paddock is turning into dust.

allhorsestuff said...

Love that Mr.'s production! very cool.
I think that you're right, the ratties are being polite. How nice of them.

I've not dealt with abscesses before. But I think she's had them, my mare. I have seen evidences in the past.
Most the places I've boarded have been mostly mud free. This new place...didn't plan well...we've got a mud fiasco..but it's only inverter every other day. So, we'll see.
Hope Java blows it out soon!