Monday, December 13, 2010

Doctors are very smart but sometimes annoying, and the rodent update:

Many of the readers of Java's Barn blog are probably horse ladies... horsey women usually don't like talking about babies, pregnancy, etc.  I am one of those.  Especially since I am 5 months into this pregnancy and have found out that the worst symptoms and conditions of pregnancy are not talked about... until you are pregnant.  This is a trick to make us think we can have babies and not go insane.

Either way, I think horsey ladies need our own doctors.  Or we should be allowed to be treated by our vets.

Case in point:
I'm a the baby doctor's office (OBGYN) this past week.  You are scolded if you are not eating anything home made from your own organic garden, and put on a plate while singing nursery rhymes.  I've promptly and unfortunately gained 20 lbs, am constantly hungry, but have not skimped one bit on the barn work, upkeep or dog walking.  I just do it a little slower than normal.  But I am not miserable, but getting used to being perpetually uncomfortable unless I'm wearing size XL fleece pants, but smiling and happy.
The baby doctor informs me that I should watch my weight, eat more vegetables, fruit, beans and exercise.   I explain to this doctor what activity I do on a daily basis and she looks at me like, yeah right, sure you take care of 3 horses and their millions of pounds of manure daily and walk the dogs through the woods in all weather for acres and acres.
Mr. Java's Mom and I agree that these monthly check ups are not fun.  I will get back into my britches by next July, so the less weight I have to lose the better, but good greif! 

No matter, I will take this angst and use it to finish eradicating the rodent population on the property. 

The head count:
No mice in traps or zapper.
No rats in zapper.
Lots of dead rodent smells throughout the property from rodents eating poison and going somewhere discreet to die.
One horse (explained below).
Two dogs (also explained below).

Java and Zapper: I had the zapper in an corner of Java's stall under her food bucket, but she decided it was a toy.  I'm lucky it still works.
Mackie and Zapper:  Then Mackie found it, thank god it was off, and it took more abuse and I'm even luckier it still works.
Note to self, keep zapper away from dogs and horses, but near rodent places.
Bandy and mouse snap trap:
Bandy was spotted carrying a set mouse trap in her mouth, and thank god dropped it when i said her name in a confused, bewildered, and shocked way... "bbbbbandyyyyyy?????"  She gently set it down.  No wonder the trap has not caught anything, if the dog could get it out of it's hiding spot, start to carry it in her mouth and put it down without it going off, i probably won't when a mouse touches it.

Bandy the mouse trap inspector:

Mackie the Rat Zapper inspector:

That's OK, I walk the dogs 3,289 times a day, and as I come along a spot where dead rodent smell fills the air, I gladly relish the moment for a nanosecond and appreciate that they are killing themselves conveniently.

And, as for the baby doctor, I will hone my selective hearing skills.

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