Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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More snow...
It's nice. 

Lobster leaves at the end of this month.  We have a new resident coming in.  I approve of this move. 

We got the most awesome load of hay and straw in yesterday, and Mr. Java's Mom loaded it all.  Wow, it is stacked beautifully... neat as a pin.  Its the most the loft has ever held, about 225 bales.  Thank you.

I will soon be bedding on straw with pellet bedding underneath to absorb wetness.  Shavings don't break down fast enough, and there is more waste.  I like mucking the straw, and it makes such a nice fluffy comfy bed.  Java was my test case.  A couple of months ago I got a starter bale for her, and got the hang of mucking it, and lucky me, she does beautifully with it.  Stretch is going to start soon after I make sure he does not eat it, and the same scenario for the new horse when she arrives.  Lobster is on only pellet bedding.  Dear pellet bedding: I love you, your little pellets take the worst situatoin stall and make it nice.  No horse, even one who lives here cannot make me go insane based on his housekeeping habits, or lack thereof.  I would prefer pelleted straw, but the pelleted straw dudes don't call back...

Envisioning green grass and happy horses out here soon:

The kids were in the barn eating breakfast as I set up their paddocks:

Miss Super Princess Java enjoying her life:

Bandy making use of the freshly plowed path.  And, always on guard. 

Pretty snow...

I can't wait until this paddock is done "resting".  Patience is required for propper paddock rotation.  I'm not great with patience.

Stretch munching on his soaked hay cube brunch and hay.  He is wonderful:

Java bored:

Mackie being Mackie.


Terry said...

What pretty pictures, and what a pretty barn! Lucky Java!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Your pictures are beautiful. And i do love nice hay that is nicely stacked, especially if I didn't have to help stack it!

Terry said...

Hey Java's Mom - we're hearing that your area is getting really heavy rains. Is everything OK in JavaLand?