Thursday, February 4, 2010


SO, life and manure management gets in the way of blogging sometimes.  When I figure this all out, I'll write a book for other small farm owners.

The chapter for this week would be: Isn't it Ironic.

I wrote about 3 drafts for this post.  And before I was able to post a single draft, the situation changed.  I'm even hesitating big time about posting this one...

I find the camera and take pics, then it snows.  The pics with no snow seem out of date. Then I have to find the camera again to take new photos.

I move Java away from a crowded, develeoped area to get away from machinery and development and a builder buys the lot next door and develops it.  And, stores all of his machinery there.

The boarder experience.  Ironic from every angle possible in a good and bad way.

The neighbor across the street ... editing out my comment.  Some people can be real Greedy Buggers.  I would like to invent a game called The Greedy Bugger's Cookie Jar.  Teach us all that at a young age if you get too greedy, diving in for another cookie, being greedy, rude and ugly, you get your fingers slammed in the cookie jar.  Whap!  I would whap someone today.

There are a few things I can depend on: manure, irony, and annoying circumstances.  When I was younger and less worried about being "nice" things worked out better.

This is actualy is very funny to me.

I'm ready for whatever today brings.  Aw, isn't that nice.  nice nice nice.

Recent photos, because that's the good stuff:

Snow on the big field.  It is still resting since it was renovated this fall.  The new grass has taken very well and the horses and I are looking foward to putting this big paddock into use as soon as it's ready... probably late spring.

Java supervising my gear in the gator.  Muck buckets to be dumped at the manure cabana compost station, hay for the boys, water for the boys.  She is so bored, we have got to get out for a ride.

The usual photo, Java looking fatter.

Lobster laying down the day before more snow.  Not the best pic of him. 
He loves to snooze in this corner, it's very soft there.

Stretch's sweet face.  He is about to sneeze in this picutre with his nose crinkled and crooked.


Jason said...

I've lived in some pretty rural places in my life and it's been my experience that greedy buggers exist everywhere in about the same proportion. So do developers. About the only way I've found to get around one or the other is to buy way more property than you think you'll ever need. You may well go broke or crazy somewhere in the process, but at least you'll have plenty of room to so so until that happens ! :)

We're blessed with good boarders and good horses, but there are still days I'd like to strangle somebody ! LOL !!

Anonymous said...

Java, Lobster (have to love that name!) and Stretch are all beautiful - thanks for the pictures!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We had the development going on next door. A developer bought up 1200 acres and had roads put in and 9 holes of the Greg Nomran signature golf course. Then they went bankrupt before the first McMansion was built. No more development noise! Sometimes karma works in our favor, sometimes not.