Tuesday, January 26, 2010

back in action

Lost the camera again, twice.  Found it.  I can tell you how many times each horse poops a day, load the loft with food for the horses to the n'th degree, but cannot keep track of the darn camera.  Something to improve on...

The latest here:
Snow is gone for now.
It's gorgeous out.
The horses (Java, Lobster and Stretch) have been amazing and perfect angels (some censorship there).

Today though... it's cukoocukoo day.  Wore my hat to turn out.
Really wondering why I did not attach stalls to paddocks... oh, because I wanted the horse to have manners and human interaction and not run all over me.  Well, they have manners after I yell profanities at them.  And I swear to god I'm not making this up, Java, no matter how stupid the geldings act, is perfect.  That horse has amazing manners and is so smart.  Ah, I love you Java.

She is shiny because she has rolled in the wet muddy ground... a beautiful effect.  Very nice.

Not much has changed... except I put half and half in my coffee now, and switched to organic yogurt, it is runny just in case you are tempted to switch too.

But I am pleased with the way my window box looks with it's evergreen winter mode:

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Terry said...

It's so very good to hear from you! Your blog was the first blog I ever read, and it was an inspiration for my blog. Glad all the horses are doing well.