Monday, November 30, 2009

still no camera.

still cannot find the camera.  I will either find it soon, or get a new one.. ouch.

Sorry honey!  Yes, I lost your camera.  I liked your camera A LOT.

We split the sacrafice paddock into two.  Covered my Carhartt gear in concrete dust to concrete in the corner and brace posts, and Mr. Java's Mom's boots in concrete dust, but it's done.  Mr. Java's Mom did 99% of the work, and it looks great.  Thank you.

Does Java like it?  NO.  She has spent the last two days out there, and she is protesting.  Lobs is like "hey, cool, this is nice, and Java is next to me now".  Java is like: "what is this bullshit, put me back in my paddock by the barn".

Stretch arrives Sunday.  Then Stretch will go in one sacrafice paddock and Lobs will go in the other, and Java will go back in to her paddock.  We're riding lately, she feels terrific, and is very happy, aside from the whole protest-the-sacrafice-paddock stuff.

I'll find the camera, I promise!!! 

And, the concrete dust came out of the Carhartt gear, good stuff.  Those gloves held up well during the process and washed well too.


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Terry said...

So nice to hear from you, camera or no camera!