Thursday, November 5, 2009

familiar sights:

The norm.  And, where is the sun!?  I swear it is not this dismal in CT.

Mackie rolling with toy in mouth, Java coming in for a close look, Bandy happy trying to destroy a dog bone and my half-eaten-by-a-chipmunk-kale in the pot on the wall:

Mackie up and shaking.  Java bored already, and Bandy still happily knawing away:

Here's a litte morning sun:

Yep, she loves bones:

This is a familiar sight:

Is it groundhog day?

Same old... BUT I changed out the Kale for a mini blue green bush in the pot for our winter interest:

Lobster looking bored.  But I know he's happy.  And he is a very good boy.


Lobs watching Mackie now:

The third horse arrives later this month.  This works out well with Java and Lobster settled in, and the third horse, Stretch, can join in on the relaxation spa.  The horses have been great.  The dogs have been great.
Things are well.


Anonymous said...

I think the name Lobster for a horse is just so funny - he is very cute and seems a good boy!

Maggie said...

Do you have a riding arena by any chance? I don't think I've ever seen pictures...

Java's Mom said...

I do have a ring... BUT it's a work in progress right now. It's a corner of the top large paddock and will be fenced in eventually. Sand footing around the perimiter with grass in the middle with jumps set up. Right now, it's just a grass path around the outside and grass in the middle that I'm letting rest since we just re-seeded it. It's not much right now, but it's a nice size and when it's done it will be fab. I'll post some pics eventually of it, but it does not look like much now. We are in trail-riding mode for the winter.