Thursday, December 31, 2009

snow and horses

The tons of snow from my last post got rained on and melted... and today we got more snow.  Snow is better than mud, ice or mud and ice at once.  Now that the horses are home, I prefer only two things on the ground:  snow or growing grass.

We know snow looks like here:

Christmas wreath on the gate that is open at the moment of this photo and luckily nobody unwelcome pulled into the driveway (yes, I can be antisocial).  The wreath on a closed gate says "Merry Christmas, please keep driving past, not in".  That's not too antisocial, right?

Java.  Baby Java.  The most wonderful horse in the world.  She is watching the boys (Stretch and Lobster), I am near their paddocks.  Super Princess Baby Java likes to be near the barn best, but that does not stop her from supervising at all times.


Stretch.  The new guy.  He is AWESOME.  I thought I was going to die when he first arrived, but we get along great.  He was extremely nervious when he arrived, is bigger than Java and very sensitive.  We do yoga together after meditation hour daily and then everything is OK.  Just kidding, he settled in well, and gets fed constantly (ulcer prone) and he realizes that I can be useful for things like delivering food to his paddock or stall at any moment, gentle grooming sessions and... food.  And, Stretch likes Java, he gets bonus points for that.  We are both very relaxed around eachother now, and he knows that he is safe and his job is to gain weight and get old and chill.  He happens to be cute too.  I'll get some pics of his adorable face soon.

Lobster is right next to him in another paddock (the infamous sacrafice paddock that we split into two).  Not that Lobster and Stretch seem to appreciate eachother much, but they are a good pair up there.

Lobster on the right of photo: "Hey Stretch, want to pretend to be friends?".
Stretch:  "Hey Lobster, No."
Lobster: "Hey Stretch, I have tons of hay, but do you want to share some of your alfalfa cubes?"
Stretch:  "Hey Lobster, No."
That's OK, Lobs is allowed candy, apples, etc, and Stretch is not.

I'll go take more photos now and post more later. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with you - anything but ice is fine although I'm not that fond of extreme cold and wind.

Cute photos! May you have an excellent New Year!

jill said...

Am I way behind? When did you get two new boarders?!
Hope things work out better all the way around this time for you as far as the new guys are concerned.
Happy New Year

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Happy New Year and congratulations on your new boarder!